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I am a Physics Teacher

As a Physics teacher, I believe very much in the principles of Physics and for every fact that I observe, I always use the laws of physics to explain it. 

Teaching is my Passion. I have taught students from 8th grade to M. Tech students, varying a range of subjects starting from Integrated science for lower grades to Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, Sensors and Instrumentation, Engineering Physics, etc for M. Tech courses. 

I also take tuitions in Physics for IBDP / IGCSE / JEE (Mains) / 10th standard (Physics). If you wish to know more about the structure of my course, you can contact me over phone. I also consult students for their projects. 

I have helped over 1,000+ people in passing Competitive exams

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This is an Unique approach of learning Physics by Mistakes committed by others. Each video consist of a Numerical that describes a concept. The video is divided in to three parts:

1. An understanding about a Physics Numerical / problem that helps one to understand the numerical correctly

2. Student's answer to this Numerical and why this answer is incorrect and when should that concept be used?

3. Correct solution for the problem.

So far, 120 problems from Mechanics has been worked out. Most of these problems are taken from the book "Concepts in Physics by H. C. Verma and Past year problems from AS, A level, JEE (Adv.) and IBDP exam papers. All these videos can be accessed from this link or directly from my youtube channel. Offer your Valuable suggestions as Feedback in the videos section in the youtube, as this will help me to Improve on it.

Happy Learning!

I am a Physics Teacher with 2 decades of Teaching Experience in Engineering colleges and Schools in India

Picture of Newton's cradle depicting the conservation of momentum

How Important is Physics for your Career?

Physics is an Important subject for those who would like to shape up their careers in Engineering, Medical disciplines:

  • A good Physicist can become a great Cartoonist

  • Physics teachers are of greater demand in JEE coaching Institutes.

  • A good Physicst (Crystallographer) is also a good Biologist.

  • What help do you need in Learning Physics?

    Browse through the range of services I offer -- pick the one you need

    Personal Coaching

    I offer Personal coaching (1 on 1) in Physics for CBSE, ICSE IGCSE and IBDP / MYP streams.

    Group Coaching

    You can join in the ongoing batch of NEET/ JEE coaching. Contact me for more details Ph: 8618952526

    Project Guidance

    I offer project Guidance to students who wish to do a project in Physics / Electronics for IBDP / IGCSE / ICSE streams

    Video Lectures Creation

    We can help you in creating and editing videos in our in-house studio. We also help you in proofreading your videos

    Talk to me
    +91 8618 95 2526

    Pay only ₹1,500 per session (1 hr)


    Doubt Clearance in Physics (10th - 12th std (CBSE))

    Have questions? Schedule a call with me

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    Do you need help in Internal Assessment / Extended Essay in Physics?

    first step in guiding a student towards his project


    Help you Design your Research Question, Hypothesis, Coining of the underlying variables and a brief estimate of the cost of the project

    second step of helping a student in understanding data collection and analysis


    Surveying the resources, Conducting the Experiment in my Supervision, Data collection, Analysis and Evaluation.

    helping a student to check against plagiarism in his article writing

    Report Writing

    Helping you out in the writing the report, Plagiarism Checking, Refining your report to achieve better grades

    Explosions in Physics are easier to describe like our growth - Thanks to all my students!

    Numbers show who is doing the business great


    Students in my Courses


    Student projects  guided


    Career Counselling

    4.9 star reviews from over 3,000 clients

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    My promise to you.

    I only work with the best study materials available in the market. I never compromise quality for time and give my students realistic schedules. I strive to provide the best Learning experience and if you're ready, please schedule a demo class today!

    Contact me for a Demo Class in Physics
    Demo class duration is only for 15 minutes
    +91 8618 95 2526
    My promises to my students

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