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Digital Learning Hub:

( Collaborative Resources for Digital Textbooks and E-Books ) 

I'm so excited to share my Resources with you!

Note: All these resources are Freely available online and None of them Violate the Copyrights Acts. 

Curriculum Resources


a. IBDOCS: A resourceful website that provides books, question papers, whitepapers, Subject guides for MYP and IBDP curriculum.

b. IGCSE Resources: A google drive site which has past papers for IGCSE Physics (0625) from 2002.

c. IGCSE Database for other Subjects:

This website has resources for other subjects

like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

d. IGCSE/EDEXCEL/AS/A Level Resources:

This site offers excellent resources for

EdExcel / IGCSE

e. IBDP Pastpapers: This site has curated questions from past papers of IBDP subject wise and unit wise. This is very much useful for revision purposes

e. Other School Resources:

(1) Shekou International School:

Sample EEs for all subjects

(2). Concordian Interntional School:

Worksheets for all chapters

(3). IB Free Resources:

Free Lab reports

(4). Cognito Resources:

This website provides resources for students, including past papers, mark schemes, and other materials for various exams.

Free E-Books:

1. Library Genesis: A collection of online repository of free eBooks, especially scientific and technical books

2. Z Library: Z-library is a free online library containing over 100 million books

3. Project Gutenberg: Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online

4. The Open Library: The Open Library is a fantastic non-profit resource with two main goals: Universal Catalog of all Published books and providing free Access

5. Manybooks: Millions of ebooks, including classics, public domain works, and self-published novels.

6. Smashwords: is a valuable resource for both authors and readers seeking alternative options in the ebook market.

7. Hathitrust: is a digital repository of millions of books and other academic resources.


1. NCERT Textbooks: Click on the link to visit the online service, that offers easy access to the NCERT textbooks. 

2. National Academies Press: This Press publishes books on a wide variety of topics, including science, engineering, and medicine. 

3. NIST: NIST is a government agency that publishes technical reports and standards on a variety of topics

4. NASA Technical Reports Server:  NASA publishes a wide variety of technical reports on its website, many of which are available for free.

5. arXiv: arXiv is an open-access repository for preprints of scientific research papers. 

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